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Choosing an Insulated Container

Cooling ProductsThere are many variables to be considered when choosing the container and refrigerant that will protect your product from weather, elements, handling and vibrations in the distribution cycle.

There are several initial factors to take into consideration when determining how to package you perishable products.

The three most important factors are: insulation, refrigeration, and protective packaging. More than just providing thermal protection, you must also provide protection for any rough handling your package endures during shipment. Protective packaging includes internal and external packaging that is used to guard against elements, rough handling, shock, vibration, compression, and atmospheric pressures.

Refrigerants are the most important component of the product package. When used to surround your product, the refrigerant protects the perishables from the environment. Refrigerants control and stabilize the temperature of the product. The general recommendation is to place ice across the top and around the edges.

Container Thickness
*¾” - 1” EPS foam molded insulated containers are engineered to be from overnight to 2 day shippers. *1 ” - 2” thick EPS foam molded insulated containers are engineered for 1-5 day transit.
*2” - 3” thick EPS foam insulated containers are engineered for 2-8 or more days in transit.

Insulated containers